I’m Nilay, a technology consultant based in the UK.

As an accidental solopreneur, with experience driving low-latency, high-volume data solutions into production.

I’ve brought two products to market as an investor and a founder mentor at  ErgoSum X/Labs, I foster the development of market intelligence algorithms, leveraging my expertise in machine learning and time series research to guide and support the team of doctoral researchers, academic thought leaders, and seasoned industry professionals.


As an engineering lead and subject matter expert, I provide technical guidance and leadership to teams developing innovative products and solutions. My expertise spans multiple domains.


As a senior and principal architect, I create high-level system and software architectures, ensuring robust and scalable designs that meet business, user, and non-functional requirements.


As a research lead, I set the direction for major research initiatives, assemble cross-functional teams, and oversee complex projects to create new technologies, advance the state of the art innovations.

Explore Common Inquiries

Enterpruner or Contractor

I am a dedicated contractor at the forefront of my field, providing specialized services as my primary focus. Additionally, I operate as a solopreneur, spearheading a small yet dynamic company in collaboration with an industry thought leader. Together, we drive cutting-edge research in Quantitative Research, Algorithmic Trading, and Machine Learning, specializing in advanced cloud applications for Algotreading, Trading, HFT, Quantitative Platforms, Cloud DevOps, and ML/AI Ops.

Generalist or Specialist

I specialise in high-volume and frequency data engineering, excelling in real-time analytics, stream analytics, and time series. My expertise extends to designing platforms with ultra-low latency, tailored for critical applications in the Cloud. I am a generalist in Platform Engineering, Cloud and Data Architecture, boasting a robust understanding of DevOps and MLOps practices. This dual proficiency allows me to provide comprehensive solutions over a spectrum of challenges.

Functional & Business Expertise

With a specialized focus on Financial Markets, my expertise extends seamlessly into the equity market, covering a broad spectrum of instruments, including options, bonds, and other equity-related financial products. In the realm of Energy Trading Markets, I bring a profound understanding of market dynamics and trends within the energy sector, facilitating strategic insights and informed decision-making. Additionally, I boast a strong foundation in mathematics.

Programming & Cloud Platforms

With expertise as an adept Python programmer and a solid command of Rust and C++, I am dedicatedly focused on Microsoft Azure. Focused at Azure Data, ML & AI Products, AKS, Databricks, Azure Data Lake, Azure Fabric, Data Explorer, OpenAI and other capabilities in the realms of High-Density & Distributed Computation. I navigate CUDA/GPU, Hugging Face APIs, data (rest & transits), and specialize in Confluent Kafka (or Apache Kafka).

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Explore My Open Source Projects

I’m involved in two new open-source projects, Over the past decade, I’ve contributed to over 10 thriving open-source initiatives.

AzSites (GitHub)

A new Terraform module that streamlines deployment of production-grade Azure Storage static websites.

AzSites handles all the complexity of configuring CDNs, custom domains, certificates and more, allowing you to focus on your application code.

PyPlatX (GitHub)

A collection of tools for ML, AI, and Algorithmic Trading development platform. It includes useful scripts and configurations to help set up a productive development environment. The goal of this repo is to bootstrap ML/AI and algo trading platform development by providing the basic building blocks needed.